Bryce Young

“Rookie” NFT collection

What is the value to owning this NFT?

New type of collectible

Fine art piece

Community membership pass

Exclusive experiences and prizes, including:

The sale will begin on


August 31, 2021

2pm EDT

Max Supply



0.1 ETH

Empowering athletes

Our Model: Athlete Ownership.

Bryce is collaborating with an amazing, culturally important artist and the best NFT team in the world to develop a custom smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. This is his way of giving back to his community of fans and early supporters.

“The great thing about this model and this collection, is that I can send new value to the fans and NFT owners as opportunities come up. It's going to be a lot of fun to grow this.”

— Bryce Young

Arturo Torres

It was important that we partnered with a legend and a culturally relevant artist for this collection. We are thrilled Arturo Torres, New York Times Best Seller and icon gave his artistic vision to Bryce's values, personality, and journey.

“The roses and vines around his throwing arm signify that Young is in a new chapter in a new place. I wanted to show that he’ll continue to remember to carry his roots close to his chest every time he steps on the field. He’s a special player and I wanted to ensure the portrait represented that. Always bet on Bryce.”

— Arturo Torres


What is an NFT?

The Bryce Young 2021 NFT Collection are NFTs that will forever be stored on the ethereum blockchain. This NFT is governed by the NFT License.

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What is NIL?

NIL (name, images, and likeness) is power, the right to be yourself, and the right to be known as yourself.

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“NFTs will become a big part of every industry very soon. The proliferation of NFT technology and the elimination of NIL restrictions on NCAA athletes, happening concurrently is a blessing for fans. These young athletes are true leaders and they are focused on building community and delivering real value to supporters. Bryce is leading for sure, but I'm so excited to see the value these players build for themselves and their fans through NFT tech.”

— Ray Genco